Living Together

Are you one of the thousands of couples who have chosen to live together and not get married?

What are your rights?

Children - Fathers of Children born outside of marriage have NO AUTOMATIC rights to their children UNLESS they have been named on the birth cerificate. With a Will the Mother would be able to confer guardianship upon the Father, without this in place the Father would have to apply to the Courts for the right to their child.

Financial - You would have NO RIGHT to look after each others financial interests in the event of mental incapacity or serious illness. You would have to apply to the Court of Protection.

Inheritance - You DO NOT acquire any inheritance rights just by living together. The surviving partner would have to apply to the Courts for a Judge to decide how much, if anything you would be entitled to.

What can you do?

Simply by making a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney you can avoid your partner losing out. For full details on protection plans please contact us for more information.