Covid-19 Appointments

Covid-19 Appointments


Covid-19 Pre-appointment consent form

N.B. Please fill in the consent form by clicking here before your appointment.



Austin Law Associates Ltd is owned and managed by Bruno Borriello and Jenny Borriello. We do not employ any other staff. Neither of us have had Covid-19. We have both been tested for Covid-19 and the results were negative. If we believe we are showing signs of Covid-19 we shall be tested and self-isolate if necessary. Appointments will be postponed and re-arranged when it is safe to do so.

Our aim is to ensure that our services are delivered safely to our clients using the following practices and we thank our clients for their help and assistance in following the processes to keep everyone safe:


If you are safeguarding - self isolating - in the vulnerable category

For existing clients we may be able to arrange a Skype, Facetime or Zoom call. You can also phone the Office and/or email us.

We will not be able to arrange appointments where one or more members of the household have symptoms of coronavirus or have been advised to isolate or shield.

Attending the Office

The Office will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between clients.

Hand sanitiser will be provided.

The meeting area within the office allows for social distancing of 2 metres.

Please do not bring anyone with you when you attend the meeting.

The Office will have signage and instructions for your information. Please observe these whilst you are in the meeting.

On Arrival for your meeting:

  1. Phone or ring the outer buzzer and speak through the intercom.
  2. We will release the door to enable you to get in.
  3. Once upstairs please enter the Office and follow our instructions and signs.
  4. Wearing a face covering is compulsory during the meeting except for I.D. checks.
Visiting Clients in their homes

Where visits are made to a household all of the provisions in this section MUST be observed.

  1. Social distancing of 2m to be observed, including on arrival and departure.
  2. Visits should be conducted in a well ventilated room or outdoors.
  3. Advisers are to sit ‘side by side’ with clients, rather than ‘face to face’.
  4. Clients should leave all internal doors open to minimise contact by advisers with door handles and other surfaces.
  5. Clients should provide their own pens to sign any documents.
  6. Documents which will be handled by clients should not be handled by staff members for 24 hours prior to them being given to clients. Disposable gloves should be worn by advisers when handling documents which have been handled by clients and the gloves disposed of in a bin immediately after the meeting.
Safe working practices by our advisers
  1. Advisers will not come to work if they exhibit the symptoms of coronavirus.
  2. Advisers will reduce the spread of germs by:
    1. Washing their hands for 20 second using alcohol based sanitiser before and after an appointment.
    2. Coughing or sneezing into a tissue and throwing the tissue in a bin immediately
    3. Cleaning regularly touched objects (such as briefcases and bags) and other surfaces using regular cleaning products.
    4. Face coverings, gloves and/or face shields will be worn by our advisers.